Did you know that 70% of the territory of the Thetford region is in an agricultural zone? This fertile soil provides an unparalleled source of supply for restaurateurs, public markets and sales outlets, plus the chance for visitors to have privileged access to the farm for pick your own.

In addition to this proximity to the land, the Thetford region offers a multiculturality that is reflected in its offer of catering: Indian, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Thai, Lebanese, Canadian, Quebec cooking...

The epicurean will be able to count on numerous delicatessens, specialized shops, sales counters where the quality of the victuals is essential.

In addition, the variety of restaurants is striking: dairy bars, buffets, pizzerias, sushi, gastronomy, terrace menu, snacks, sandwiches, fast food, ready-to-eat, cafes, bistros, pubs, larks!

Enjoy your meal !

Get inspired, enjoy!