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Thetford Mines Bicycle Path (24 km)

With a total length of 24.4 km, this path goes through the town of Thetford Mines. One part of the path passes through downtown Thetford and is a nice way to discover the area and its attractions. In this section, one can also find restaurants and bicycle repair services.

Well arranged with rest areas, benches and picnic tables, this completely paved path will allow you to discover numerous residential neighbourhoods and the region's typical architecture and landscaping.
The path is easily accessible from numerous places including Black Lake's shopping center, the tourism office and behind the Galeries Appalaches shopping center, all situated on route 112. The path is also accessible in the downtown area.

Disraeli bicycle path and cycling tour

The Disraeli bicycle path is a 4-km urban path which goes along Champlain, Lavoie, St. Paul, Jacques Cartier, and St. Joseph E. road. Paved and safe, the path allows you to discover 4H, John Champoux and François Beaulieu parks. Along the path there are rest areas, picnic tables, and an observation point overlooking the St. François River. Consult the Cycling Tours page for further detail.

Coleraine bicycle path (6.5 km)

The St. Joseph de Coleraine bicycle path is a paved, linear, 6.5 km path along the chemin du Barrage. It takes you from the Jule Allard dam to the Optimist Club. From the rest area at the dam, one can also admire the St. François River, the Grand Lac St. François and Adstock Mountain.

Frontenac National Park Bicycle Paths (15 km)

The Southern and St. Daniel Sectors of the National Park offer bicycle paths of 6.5 km and 8 km, respectively. Take time to rest in one of the picnic areas located all along the paths.


Cycle Vallière Inc.
The Cycle Vallière boutique, situated on Notre-Dame W. road in Thetford Mines, specializes in the sale of bicycles and cycling accessories. Primary brands in stock are Rocky Mountain, Trek, Miele, Argon 18, Specialized and LookBicycle repair is also amongst the store's specialties.

- Bicycle Sale & Repair
- Bicycle Clothing & Accessories
- Running/Jogging Accessories