History, arts and culture

Coming to the Thetford area is sure to be surprised, because the region is like that: it surprises.

Its geographical situation, put in relation with this mining industry, detonates: "Is not it in the north that we find all the mines? Hey no! It is close to major cities in southern Quebec!

The religious heritage moves. Because it's huge, multiple, welcoming. There are in the region more than thirty churches devolving to different beliefs. It is surprising when we know that the territory has 19 municipalities.

The industrial heritage is striking. You will see it often, well highlighted in the restoration of old mining building, in the color of the water of the quarries, so contrasting with the greyness of the stone. But above all, you will see it in the landscape, engraved by the hard work of previous generations.

Be curious and come and surprise yourself that the Thetford area is not what you believe: it's much better ... it's like nowhere else!