Water activities

The region of Thetford is decorated with ten lakes, natural as artificial, and the sizes are as varied as their number!

Here are a few :

Grand Lac Saint-François
The third largest lake south of the St. Lawrence, the Grand lac Saint-François allows the sweet adventure lover to escape from bay to bay and explore a variety of wildlife and flora. 

Lac Aylmer

This 31.2-km2 stretch of water is divided between the townships of Stratford and Beaulac-Garthby. It is a vast widening of the Saint-François River, comprising three bays and bordered by the municipalities of Disraeli at its northern end and Saint-Gerard in the south.

The nautical basin
In both summer and winter, the Cache du Domaine provides access to a magnificent artificial body of water built specifically to provide safe water activities. The ideal place for people who want to practice canoeing, kayaking or other water activities.