A day in Thetford: the secrets of the sector

The Thetford area is well known for its mines and endless mountains, but there is much more to explore! That is why I went with my lover to discover the most beautiful activities to do in nature on a…

Amélie Dumas-Aubé October 5, 2020
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Curious Nature
Explorons la Route des Vallons et des Lacs
La Route des Vallons et des Lacs! Comme son nom le dit, en la parcourant, vous découvrirez des paysages vallonneux et aurez accès à certains des plus beaux lacs de notre région. Lacs, rivières, ponts…
Stéphanie Allard
Stéphanie Allard Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches June 8, 2020
Geneviève Clavet Roy - Corpo
Chroniques radiophoniques
Chaque mercredi de l'été, la responsable des communications de Tourisme Région de Thetford, Geneviève Clavet Roy, s'entretenait avec Alain Faucher de la radio Plaisir 105,5 à Thetford Mines. Découvre…
Geneviève Clavet Roy
Geneviève Clavet Roy Tourisme Région de Thetford September 1, 2019
Musée - Mines - Exposition
Visit at the Mineralogical and Mining Museum of Thetford Mines
Founded in 1876, after an asbestos deposit was discovered, the city of Thetford Mines experienced considerable growth and prosperity. It was 100 years later, in 1976, that the Mineralogical Society o…
Charlène Gélineau
Charlène Gélineau Trip USA Canada July 5, 2018
Hiver - Grange - Cabane à sucre
A weekend to discover Thetford Mines
During the last weekend of Easter, we wanted to discover Thetford Mines and its region. Why Thetford Mines? And why not?
Charlène Gélineau
Charlène Gélineau Trip USA Canada March 30, 2018