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Véloroute du lac Aylmer

Disraeli • Région de Thetford
Véloroute du lac Aylmer

In a few words

The Lake Aylmer cycling tour joins together the Disraeli bicycle path to the municipalities of Beaulac-Garthby, Weedon (St. Gérard), Stratford and the county of Disraeli. This trail is between 42 and 60 km long depending on if optional loops are added. The trail mostly composed of paved shoulders along routes 112 and 161 as well as Stratford road. The tour eventually connects to the designated bicycle path in Disraeli.

This new tour allows cyclists to discover numerous tourist attractions and have access to services along the way:


Disraeli Marina (snack bar)

Disraeli restaurants (Subway, Pizza Ville, Le Béninois, Le Mont Blanc, etc.)

La Chanterelle Inn and Dolorès B&B

Parks : Le Parc des chutes and le Parc 4H


Tourisme office (toilettes, view points, port, parking)

Parks : Le Parc Bellerive (snack bar)

Beaulac-Garthby Cyclorails

Beaulac Vaation Accomodation Group

Snack bars: Chez Marlo


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