Ferme Janole

Saint-Pierre-de-Broughton • Région de Thetford
Producteurs bovins
Boeuf Janole
Ferme Janole

In a few words

Meat unique in the region: young steers 11 to 13 months old, without growth hormone and without preventive antibiotics. The calves are raised naturally with their mother until the age of 8 months, then fed with a balanced ration made up of first quality forages and a balanced feed without adding growth factors.

Slaughter (type A slaughterhouse) and cutting (C1) are done in facilities under provincial inspection by MAPAQ with higher requirements than local slaughterhouses. Different cuts of meat are available frozen and vacuum-packed (minced, steak, t-bones, stew and skewer cubes, roast, roast beef, etc.).

Freezing is done immediately after cutting to preserve its flavor and freshness.


Available at the farm, on call or free delivery

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