The Thetford Region has a lot to offer you: an abundance of lakes, forests and mountains for the practice of outdoor activities, an appetizing gastronomic offer, a variety of quality accommodation, a rich mining history, remarkable historic sites and, above all, strong and unique markers in the landscape, for which you are ready to come and say: “I was really there! » No need to take a plane to get away from it all, nowhere else will you see landscapes like here.

In addition, you are close to this unique territory: the Thetford region is located in Chaudière-Appalaches, on the south shore of Quebec. It is bordered by Beauce, the Eastern Townships and Center-of-Québec. It is only a few hours' drive away from the larger centers.

Suggested activities:
Mining heritage

The region's mining industrial heritage is unique. Its contribution to the development of Quebec offers a rich history to tell and to discover. Observe the ancient mining pits filled with turquoise water. Crisscross roads with lunar decorations.

Belvédère Mine BC - Région de Thetford - Eau turquoise, puits minier
BC Mine belvedere

Turquoise lake

Would you like to see a turquoise lake, easily accessible, for free? See you at the Belvédère de la Mine BC!

It is located on rue du Lac Noir in Thetford Mines. (👉Blue signs from the Ministry of Tourism will lead you there easily! 😃)

Région de Thetford - Rue du Lac Noir - Halde
12 points of view on the

Mining landscape

Follow this route to discover the best places to observe the mining panorama or learn more about the mining history of the Thetford region.

Centre historique de la mine King - Forge - Personnage grillagé de forgeron
The story behind the landscape


Discover the heritage, historical and cultural offer of the Thetford region.


Suggested activities:

The Thetford region is also recognized for its offer of outdoor activities. This is understandable when we know that there are several mountains, many lakes including two of the largest south of the St. Lawrence, a national park, an ecological reserve, rivers, forests as far as the eye can see ... Thetford region has nature as its backyard!

Parc national de Frontenac - Tourbière - Femme devant tour d'observation
National park


A wide choice of outdoor activities is available to you at Parc national de Frontenac: canoe, bike, pedal boat, rabaska, camping, cabin, hiking and more!


The 3 monts

The 3 monts is not just a network of 20 km of path linking three mountains. It is also a hebertism trail !!

👉 Why not become a member of the organization and thus have unlimited access to the trails?

Mont Grand Morne - Belvédère - Vue paysage et participant Monts Défi - Crédit LUCIE DUBOIS
Strong sensations

Grand Morne

Mont Grand Morne is a paradise for thrilling activities: climbing, free flight, trekking. There is also a belvedere and an observation tower at the top.

Mont Adtsock - Sentier pédestre - Randonneurs sommet
At the top of the region

Mont Adstock

The highest peak in the Thetford region invites you to climb its slopes to observe the magnificent 360-degree view offered at the top.

Lac Aymer - Beaulac-Garthby - Quai
On the lakes of the region


The Thetford region is dotted with lakes, including Lac Aylmer and Grand Lac Saint-François, both accessible via marinas. There is also a huge artificial lake in the region for the safe practice of many water activities.


Suggested activities:
Filled stay

To make the most of your stay in the Thetford region, you absolutely must take advantage of the gourmet offer and the many entertainment options. But first, find the accommodation that will meet your needs!

Ambiance - Douillet - Petite fille qui dort
Accommodation directory

Where to sleep?

For an impeccable stay, the planning visitor has ample choice of accommodation options, such as several lodges and inns, hotels and motels. In addition, dozens of cabins are available for rent - no wonder when you see the number of lakes scattered throughout the area! Camping enthusiasts will also be delighted. Consult the directory!

Restaurant directory

Where to eat?

A special occasion to celebrate, a craving to satisfy, or a lack of culinary inspiration are all good reasons to feast on a good meal in one of the restaurants in the Thetford region. The directory in the next section contains all the restaurants in the region. From refined and gourmet cuisine, to country tables and traditional Quebec cuisine, everything is there. Enjoy your meal!

Activities to discover

What to do?

The Thetford region can be discovered through several unmissable and unusual attractions. The mining heritage asserts itself and suggests a visit to museums and interpretation centers, which are as varied as they are interesting. Mountains and parks with their four-season hiking trails punctuate the outdoor activities. The network of trails for ATVs and snowmobilers are the pride of the region. The marinas and water activities offered are second to none. The cycling networks are magnificent, unique and varied. All the good reasons to visit the Thetford region are detailed in the following section.


The Destination Why Thetford region?


Visit this section to discover the best packages offered, itineraries, suggestions for stays and more!

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Thetford, Quebec

Avis à nos amis motoneigistes,

lors de votre passage à Thetford, vous retrouverez chez nous un bloc sanitaires où vous pourrez utiliser douches et toilettes. Nous mettons également une buandrie à votre disposition!

Bonne route!

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Tourisme Région de Thetford

Rarely have I stepped out of my comfort zone so far. Already high-flying diving, at the dawn of my 40th birthday, is pushing my limits, but doing it outside in the middle of winter in the cold, phew, it's hard to imagine a greater challenge. How did I manage to get there while remaining confident? I focused on what was in my power and then on my benchmarks. The simulations of my dives that I did directly, in the open wind on the platform, were part of the preparations that allowed me to face the challenges.
Thank you @jonathan.lelievre.psycho for being part of my allies, thanks to you my head is in the right place. Thanks @buffcanada for keeping my ears warm, until I jumped into the iced water! Thank you @regionthetford and @chaudiere.appalaches for the beauty of your landscapes and thank you @hoteldudomaine for the comfort that we were able to find after our dives.

J'ai rarement autant sorti de ma zone de confort. Déjà faire du plongeon de haut vol, à l'aube de mes 40 ans, c'est repousser mes limites, mais en faire dehors en plein hiver au froid, ouf difficile d'imaginer un plus grand défi. Comment j'ai fait pour y arriver en gardant confiance ? Je me suis concentré sur ce qui était dans mon pouvoir puis sur mes repères. Les simulations de mes plongeons que j'ai fait directement, en plein vent sur la plate-forme, on fait parti des préparatifs qui m'ont permis d'affronter les enjeux.
Merci Jonathan de faire partie de mes alliés, grâce à toi ma tête est à la bonne place. Merci Buff d'avoir gardé mes oreilles au chaud, jusqu'à ce que je me lance dans l'eau glacée ! Merci à la région pour la beauté de tes paysages et merci pour le confort qu'on a pu retrouvé à l’hotel après nos plongeons. 📷 @mathieutranchida.  #visualisation #mentalpreparation #outofconfortzone #shortfocumentary

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Black Lake, Quebec

Thetfeurrrrd ⛏
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Thetford Mines, Quebec

Quelle belle journée ce fût aujourd'hui à photographier les sentiers de motoneige et Quad pour Région Thetford 📸☀ Je vous présente l'un des figurants, Dérek Roy (meilleur vendeur Jeep - Dodge en passant)👌 

De belles photos à venir #Repost @lysanne_richard
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Another step in this Nordic challenge has taken place today. We did our general practice in the 20m at the @parcolympique . We tried our super new wetsuits (offered by @centreesthetiquekb and @ludoguerpillon , thank you !!!) accompanied by the hood, gloves and boots. Phew let me tell you that it was destabilizing, as much by the loss of mobility as by the fact that I accumulate water and therefore I become much heavier to jump and my vision is obstructed by the hood and the water which comes out during my acrobatics !!! But in short, we got used to it and we feel ready. Thank you to @apneacity for being there to analyze with us the size of the hole we will have to make in the ice and to practice our communication codes for the moment of departure. Thank you @milordyves I consider myself privileged to live these experiences with you. The whole team is working hard to make sure everything runs smoothly this weekend and I'm really grateful, I can't wait to bring you this documentary. Photo credit @fblphotographe , an archive of our practice from a few weeks ago in nature. The countdown is now on, only 3 dodos before the real big day of the 22m dives in an icy lake.

Une autre étape dans ce défi nordique a eu lieu aujourd hui. Nous avons fait notre pratique générale au 20m au parc olympique. On a essayé nos super nouveaux wetsuits (offerts par Karine et Ludo, merci !!!) accompagnés de la cagoule , des gants et des bottes. Ouf laissez moi vous dire que c'était déstabilisant, autant par la perte de mobilité que par le fait que je cumule de l'eau et donc je deviens bien plus lourde pour sauter et ma vision est obstruée par le capuchon et l'eau qui en sort durant mes acrobaties !!! Mais bref, on s'y est habitué et on se sent prêt. Merci à apnéacity d'avoir été sur place afin d'analyser avec nous l'envergure du trou qu'on devra faire dans la glace et de pratiquer nos codes de communications pour le moment du départ. Merci Yves je me considère privilégiée de vivre ces expériences avec toi. Toute l'équipe travaille fort afin que tout se passe bien ce week-end et j'ai tellement hâte de vous présenter ce documentaire
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Région Thetford

One of my missions is to demonstrate that nothing is impossible, even our wildest dreams. The important thing is to take it one step at a time and find the right allies. Here is one of the steps of our crazy project for next weekend, diving into ice water !!! Before doing high-flight diving (22 m high) we had to do our tests from below, here we are at 3 m. I am honored to play an important role as a female ambassador in a sport historically reserved for men. Learn more about it in our short documentary, which will be released in a few weeks.

Une de mes missions est de démontrer que rien est impossible, même nos rêves les plus fous. L'important est d'y aller une étape  à la fois et de trouver les bons alliés. Voici une des étapes de notre projet de fou du week-end prochain, plonger dans l'eau glacé !!! Avant de faire du plongeon de haut vol (22 m de haut) il fallait faire nos tests de plus bas, nous voici à 3 m. Je suis honorée de jouer un role important d'ambassadrice fémine dans un sport historiquement réservé aux hommes. Apprenez-en plus à ce sujet dans notre court documentaire qui sortira dans quelques semaines.  #internationalwomensday #shortdocumentary #nothingisimpossible 📷 @fblphotographe