The Thetford Region has a lot to offer you: an abundance of lakes, forests and mountains for the practice of outdoor activities, an appetizing gastronomic offer, a variety of quality accommodation, a rich mining history, remarkable historic sites and, above all, strong and unique markers in the landscape, for which you are ready to come and say: “I was really there! » No need to take a plane to get away from it all, nowhere else will you see landscapes like here.

In addition, you are close to this unique territory: the Thetford region is located in Chaudière-Appalaches, on the south shore of Quebec. It is bordered by Beauce, the Eastern Townships and Center-of-Québec. It is only a few hours' drive away from the larger centers.

Suggested activities:

The Thetford region is recognized for its offer of outdoor activities. This is understandable when we know that there are several mountains, many lakes including two of the largest south of the St. Lawrence, a national park, an ecological reserve, rivers, forests as far as the eye can see ... Thetford region has nature as its backyard!

Motor sport


Pure and raw sensations, does that appeal to you? The snowmobile is made for you! Come take a trip to the Thetford region!

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Motor sport

Quad in the Region of Thetford

Pure and raw sensations, does that appeal to you? The Quad is made for you! Come take a trip to the Thetford region!

Nomadic trips

Winter trails

Winter is such a great season to explore trails, whether it's snowshoeing, skiing or on foot. Find the trails made for you by consulting the directory of trails in the Thetford region. Enter your search criteria and a selection of trails will be offered to you. Have a good hike! (French only)

Station récréo-touristique du Mont Adstock - Ski alpin - Skieuse sur piste
At the top of the region

Mont Adstock

The highest peak in the Thetford region invites you to express your love of winter sports! Alpine skiing, alpine hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, tube sliding!

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Vue yourte panoramique - hiver - 3 monts

The 3 monts

The hiking trails of the 3 Monts in winter are a snowshoeing paradise! You want something different? Try an overnight stay in a yurt!

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Raquette - Hiver - Parc national de Frontenac

national parc

In winter, holders of a valid access authorization can access the trail network in the South and St-Daniel sectors of Frontenac National Park. Please note that there are no more services available and there are vehicle restrictions applying on the main roads of the park: park in front of the barrier at the entrances to the park, take the path main route in order to access certain trails (from the barriers, please allow an addition of km round trip to your route: + 2 km to the South (accessible trails: L'Érablière, Les Passereaux, La Colline) and + 5 km in St-Daniel (accessible trails: Le Littoral, La Tourbière and Le Sous Bois).

Thrilling activities

Grand Morne

Mont Grand Morne is a paradise for thrilling activities all year round: climbing, free flight, trekking. There is also a belvedere and an observation tower at the top.


Suggested activities:
Mining history

The region's mining industrial heritage is unique. Its contribution to the development of Quebec offers a rich history to tell and to discover. Find out more at the Minero Museum!

Expo permanente Fierté et démesure d'une région - Musée Minéro de Thetford - Entrée
Permanent exhibition

Pride and excess of a region

The Thetford region can be defined in one word: excess. The landscapes, the mining heritage, the media space given to asbestos: everything is immense. To find out more, discover the permanent exhibition at the Musée Minéro in Thetford.

Réalité virtuelle - Musée Minéro
Visite the mines

in virtual reality

To see the mines as closely as possible, experience virtual reality headsets at the Minero Museum!


Suggested activities:
Filled stay

To make the most of your stay in the Thetford region, you absolutely must take advantage of the gourmet offer and the many entertainment options. Also, find the accommodation that will meet your needs!

Festival Promutuel de la Relève - Spectacle - Audience
Events directory


Visit to discover all the occasions to celebrate: show, festival, event, tournament, concert, theater and much more!

Ambiance - Douillet - Petite fille qui dort
Accommodation directory

Where to sleep?

For an impeccable stay, the planning visitor has ample choice of accommodation options, such as several lodges and inns, hotels and motels. In addition, dozens of cabins are available for rent - no wonder when you see the number of lakes scattered throughout the area! Camping enthusiasts will also be delighted. Consult the directory!

Restaurant directory

Where to eat?

A special occasion to celebrate, a craving to satisfy, or a lack of culinary inspiration are all good reasons to feast on a good meal in one of the restaurants in the Thetford region. The directory in the next section contains all the restaurants in the region. From refined and gourmet cuisine, to country tables and traditional Quebec cuisine, everything is there. Enjoy your meal!

Municipalité de Kinnear's Mills - Sentier Rivière Osgood - Femme en raquette
All there is

To do!

The Thetford region can be discovered through several unmissable and unusual attractions. The mining heritage asserts itself and suggests a visit to museums and interpretation centers, which are as varied as they are interesting. Mountains and parks with their four-season hiking trails punctuate the outdoor offer. The network of trails for ATVs and snowmobilers are the pride of the region. The marinas and water activities offered are second to none. The cycling networks are magnificent, unique and varied. All the good reasons to visit the Thetford region are detailed in the following section.


The Destination Why Thetford region?


Underground mine in Thetford: a successful simulation!

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