Belvédère de la Mine BC

Thetford Mines • Région de Thetford


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This lookout, accessible for free, is located on rue du Lac Noir in the Black Lake sector. It offers an exceptional point of view on the pits, transformed into a turquoise blue lake, as well as on the mining installations of the BC Mine. Recall that this mine, opened in 1908, whose operations were interrupted from 1928 to 1936, was closed permanently on November 1, 1997.

To get there: Meet at the Magasin Général O'Brien, at 4233 Rue du Lac-Noir, Thetford Mines, QC G6H. The belvedere is opposite, at the top of a staircase of about fifty steps.

For Real!

Where does this turquoise color come from? Fine particles suspended in water reflect the blue and green wavelengths of sunlight. The effect is accentuated by the background of clear rocks.

Geneviève Clavet Roy, Belvédère de la Mine BC

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Accueil touristique [en] Le belvédère de la Mine B.C. maintenant signalisé

Le belvédère de la Mine BC (British Canadian), situé dans le secteur Black Lake à Thetford Mines et offrant une vue imprenable sur l’eau turquoise de l’ancien puits minier, est désormais signalisé grâce à des panneaux routiers bleus du ministère du Tourisme. Ainsi, l’une des attractions touristiques les plus singulières de la région de Thetford peut être admirée de façon sécuritaire.