La porte d'à côté, microbrasserie

Thetford Mines • Région de Thetford
Café-resto l'Allongé
Café-resto l'Allongé
Café-resto l'Allongé - Cocktails
Cafe-resto Allongé
Café resto l'Allongé de Thetford Mines
Café resto l'Allongé
Fish and Chips au Resto L'Allongé
La porte d'à côté, microbrasserie

In a few words

This Café-Restaurant offers authentic and flavourful meals that highlight local and regional flavours. The rustic and charming décor is sure to please!

What makes our bistro style food even better is the quality of the plates and the friendliness of the staff serving it to you.

Come discover our local products such as our Janole Farm Burger, our French ognion soup made with red ale, our artisan bread and Parmesan fondue appetiser...everything is homemade and bistro style. Breakfast is served every Sunday from 9am to 2pm.

Add to all that a rustic and casual décor and you have the perfect place to meet up with friends, family or collegues.


-Catering menu for events (contact us for more information)

-Lunch Box menu for businesses

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