Quad in the Region of Thetford

The Region of Thetford is THE place for a Quad ride!

Unpretentious, the region of Thetford is at the center of everything! We are located roughly an hour's drive from major centers such as Quebec, Sherbrooke, Saint-Georges and Victoriaville.

We have hundreds of kilometers of trails on our territory: 300 km of winter trails and as many summer trails. So, you can easily stay with us and go on trips around the area.

See for yourself by consulting the interactive map of the Federation of Quad Clubs. (French)

Trails interactive map

Several services such as relays, dealers and park-and-ride lots are offered to you here. We also have accommodations and restaurants accessible by Quad. Isn't that wonderful?

Moreover, the Quad trails will really make you discover the region in a different way than if you had traveled by car. Are you going to say it's like that everywhere? To that, we answer: Do you know many places where you can take a picture of yourself near a wind turbine, and then shortly after, near a mine? Well this is it. We are like nowhere else! 😊

In addition, we can boast of being one of the only regions where you can do ATV all year round! The Club Quad Amiante , which proudly maintains the trails, has special agreements that ensure that they do not undergo complete closures due to sugar season, hunting or other. Winter versus summer routes may vary. To be sure to have up-to-date and complete information, like the Club's Facebook page.

Do you need more reasons to encourage you to come to the Thetford region for your Quad trip? We can add that we have lots of snow! We recorded an average of 3 and a half meters of solid precipitation per year… That makes snow! It is sure that it does not stay all there! But in the end, we often open our winter trails among the first ...

Then when are you coming? 😊

Psst! One last thing: don't forget your trail pass... The purchase of trail passes is essential for the club to provide safe, well-signposted and well-maintained trails. (This is the most serious sentence so far. We don't skimp on that.)

Ho! Don't forget your mask either! Then your helmet. Well, we won't make your travel list 😊! See you soon!

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