Snowmobile trail permit

It is mandatory to obtain a trail permit to circulate at all times on the snowmobile trails. This permit allows you to travel anywhere in Quebec on the trails of the Fédération des Clubs de Motoneigistes du Québec.

New this year, snowmobile access rights can only be purchased online through the FCMQ.


Important, when making your purchase, to carefully select the snowmobile clubs where you normally snowmobile. Snowmobile clubs in the Thetford region (Beauce-Frontenac and Adstock )  offer a total of 350 km of trails, including 2 Trans-Québec trails - T25 (69 km) and T55 (42 km), 3 regional trails - R533 (25 km), R535 (33 km) and R540 (78 km) and 103 km of local trail sections.

Remember that snowmobile trails depend on good understanding between snowmobilers and landowners. Keep in mind that you are on private property. To safeguard your rights, stay on the trails, bring back your waste and respect the property of others.

The clubs recommend that amateurs organize and plan their trips well, whatever their duration. Be informed before you go: some establishments may be closed or have restricted access