Ville de Disraeli

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Ville de Disraeli
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Ville de Disraeli
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The Town of Disraeli is located on the shores of Lake Aylmer. We offer you access to the lake in the heart of the city thanks to the marina. The Parc de la Gare offers water games, a four-season ice rink, a service chalet ...

Bike enthusiasts can take the Véloroute du lac Aylmer, this 42- to 60-kilometer cycle path will allow you to discover the magnificent lake Aylmer. In addition, the cycle path of the town of Disraeli offers a 4-kilometer route suitable for walking, cycling or rollerblading.

The municipal marina will offer new facilities, a magnificent place to relax and eat, and access to the lake is free. The city center becomes a gathering place where culture and relaxation are at the rendezvous.
An electric terminal and a dump station for recreational vehicles is available.

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