Municipalité d'East Broughton

Région de Thetford
East Broughton - Parc le Broughtonnais
Municipalité d'East Broughton
East Broughton municipality
East Broughton - municipality 2

In a few words

In the heart of the Appalachian mountain range, East Broughton is a small town located on the borders of Beauce and the Thetford region. It was in 1871, that our ancestors established the first milestones of a community characterized by people of heart and passion, and this, for more than 139 years. Being established on an ophiolitic complex rich in a variety of minerals, the broughtonnaise economy was for a long time made up of the income generated by the exploitation of chrysotile asbestos. Despite the closure of this industry, this geological context now allows us to mine, among other things, soapstone commonly known as “soapstone” while being able to count on a small number of very dynamic businesses and businesses.

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