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Galerie-Boutique Christine Grenier

Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf • Région de Thetford
Galerie-Boutique Christine Grenier presents several local artists and artisans.
Textile art panel The Encounter
Christine Grenier Gallery-Boutique
Inside the Christine Grenier Gallery-Boutique
The artist and gallery owner Christine Grenier
The artist prepares a piece of textile art for quilting.
Christmas Stockings Luge, Neige and Flocon
Decorative cushion The first snow
Detail of the artwork Vous etes ici
Textile Art Panel Cache-Cache
Christine Grenier Gallery-Boutique, interior
Christmas Stocking Roselia
Quilt La rose de mon jardin, unique piece
Artist Christine Grenier
Galerie-Boutique Christine Grenier is located in an adorable house in Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf.
Christine Grenier Gallery-Boutique, interior
Artist Christine Grenier
Cushion of textile art Chatounet, unique piece
Textile artwork Florette
Small decorative object, a heart to hang
Creations in wood, ceramics, fibers, bronze and fabrics by various artists.
Christine Grenier Gallery-boutique in autumn
Inside the Christine Grenier Gallery-Boutique
Arrangement of textile art and cushion Two is better
Textile artwork Nice to meet you
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Galerie Boutique Christine Grenier

Contact details

612, road Craig
Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf Québec, G6G 0A1
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418 453-2026


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  • Art gallery to discover

    Different art, it's not painting, it's textile.

  • Custom gifts and decorations

    Custom orders for your decorations and gifts.

  • Decorate with distinction

    Artwork and decorations that stand out and make you distinct.

  • Fabric and fiber artworks

    Textile art canvas for your walls made of fabrics and fibers.

In a few words

Discover a world of fantasy in an unconventional art gallery. Dedicated to textiles, the gallery boutique presents artworks and decorative objects that have in common their raw material: fabric.

The charm of the decorative objects and the fantasy that emanates from them plunge us into a romantic universe unlike any other. Between reality and imagination, a happy world of animals coexists with scenes of life, landscapes, and vibrantly colored abstractions.

For Christmas or to decorate in any season, the collection of elf stockings with multiple inspirations will not fail to attract your attention with its ornaments and its elegance.

Whether you're an art or decorating enthusiast, a collector, or someone looking for new seekings, you must stop by the gallery boutique and meet Christine.

For Real!

Why do I create? I like things that brighten up my world, things that bring back a memory, things that make me think of someone, things that make my soul feel good, and put me in a happy mood!

Christine Grenier, Galerie-Boutique Christine Grenier

Schedule and prices


Opening from September 2, 2021
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Visits by appointment the rest of the time

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