Municipalité de Sainte-Clotilde-de-Beauce

Région de Thetford
Grand Morne (Crédit Roselyne Geiser)
Municipalité de Sainte-Clotilde-de-Beauce

In a few words

The municipality of Sainte-Clotilde is in full swing with its industrial park, created in the early 90s, and its many SMEs. The Municipality has transformed its church into a multifunctional center at the service of its population. It also promotes the development of tourist attractions such as the covered bridge, the Chemin de St-Jacques, the Arthur-Pomerleau dam and the Grand Morne de Sainte-Clotilde where free flight and climbing are practiced.

A park with several play modules to amuse young and old, a lighted ball field, a tennis court and an indoor swimming pool are available to the population and visitors.

A constant since always: Sainte-Clotilde has always been able to count on about thirty maple syrup producers. In addition, agriculture has always occupied an important place there. The landscapes are marked by its typical activities.

This place also offers : Covered bridge and suspension bridge, Climbing, Sports & Adventure

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