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Plongée carrière Flintkote

Thetford Mines • Région de Thetford
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Crédit FBL Photographe
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Plongée carrière Flintkote

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1104, street Flintkote
Thetford Mines Québec, G6H 3H7
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418 332-0137


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In a few words

The Flintkote quarry dive site is recognized for the transparency and turquoise color of its water, which resembles a huge swimming pool. In addition to the clarity of the water, a multitude of objects emerged in the water including a sailboat, works of art, a kitchen etc. enhance diving.

Summer and winter, the Flintkote quarry in Thetford Mines is one of the most beautiful sites in Quebec for scuba diving. This site is also ideal for all types of divers, both beginners and advanced. This is the reason why several diving clubs come to give certifications. Nevertheless, this site is very deep. Take care to respect the depth limit allowed by your level of certification.

The quarry is 360 feet deep. The cliffs and rock formations are spectacular.

The site receives more than 2,000 divers each year, mainly from outside the Thetford region.

Accommodation and catering nearby.

Schedule and prices


The site is easily accessible for divers. All you have to do is contact the owner Guylaine Cloutier by phone to have the barrier opened.


A fee of $ 15 / divers / day is requested for access to the facilities.

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