Rôtisserie St-Hubert

Thetford Mines • Région de Thetford
Rôtisserie St-Hubert - Section Pub
Rôtisserie St-Hubert - Section Pub
Rôtisserie St-Hubert
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Rôtisserie St-Hubert

Contact details

203, boulevard Frontenac Ouest
Thetford Mines Québec, G6G 6K2
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418 335-7557


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  • Number of interior places : 300

  • Type of cuisine :

    • Family

    • Grills

  • Meals offered

    • Dinner

    • Lunch

In a few words

The St-Hubert rotisseries are the family restaurant par excellence. Families with young children meet there with as much pleasure as couples, singles, professionals. We go there to have fun, celebrate with those we love and eat well. We offer a varied menu that includes the legendary roast chicken, grilled dishes served to perfection, a wide choice of starters, comforting soups, crispy salads-meals, not to mention the fabulous desserts.

Pub St-Hub is the perfect place to plan your happy hour or meet up with friends.

You can also drop by the counter to bring home a great dinner.

Schedule and prices


Due to labor recruitment difficulties, restaurant hours may vary. Contact them directly to find out their opening hours.