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Discover our selection of best places to visit

12 beautiful views of the Thetford area

Tours d'observation, belvédères, sommets, barrage, terrasses, quais, ponts : où trouve-t-on les plus beaux points de vue sur la région de T…

The good authentic restaurants of the region

Treat yourself to one of these good restaurants, unique to the Thetford region!

A day of walking on the Chemin de Saint-Jacques-Appalaches

You want to try the long walk on the Chemin de Saint-Jacques-Appalaches, but are not ready to embark on the entire route? We offer full day…

We can only do that in the Thetford region!

We see that only here! Discover typical activities in the Thetford region!

Taste a part of the world

The Thetford Region offers a multiculturalism that is reflected in its catering offer: Indian, Greek, Chinese, Thai, Lebanese cuisine... Yu…

A coffee for the break? Good idea!

For a break, a snack or simply to treat yourself, discover the cafés of the Thetford Region

Drink and eat

Discover the bistro menus to enjoy over a good beer.

Very fine cuisine

The epicurean can count on many gourmet tables and delicatessens where the quality of the food is essential.

When it goes skouik skouik!

What could be better than fresh and varied, authentic and delicious cheese! Discover the cheese dairies in the Thetford region.

Safe bets

Discover the many family-menu restaurants in the Thetford region, a safe bet at all times!

It's impossible to resist the lure of ice cream in the summer!

Let yourself be seduced by one of the many dairy/sandwich shops in the Thetford region.

The comforting banners

Several large banners have chosen the Thetford region to establish their restaurant. The choice is vast!

Where is my dog ​​accepted in the Thetford region?

Do you like walking with your pet? Here are the places where he is allowed on a leash!

Snowmobile accessible services

Here is an overview of the services available by snowmobile in the region of Thetford.

Quad accessible services

Here is an overview of the services accessible by Quad in the region of Thetford.

Top 5 of the most beautiful viewpoints in autumn

Here are our suggestions for the most beautiful places to observe the fall colors in the Thetford region!

Visit the mines in virtual reality!

Visit four major mining sites in the Thetford region thanks to immersive virtual reality videos available at the Minéro - Thetford Museum.

12 places to discover the history of the Thetford area

Do you like History? The one of the Thetford area will fascinate you! Here are 12 places to discover it.

Nautical activities in the Thetford region

The region of Thetford is filled with several bodies of water, natural as well as artificial, as well as magnificent rivers. Nautical activ…

5 original activities to discover the Thetford region differently

Rediscovering your own region, here is a very interesting goal! Being a tourist at home is a great experience that allows you to see your r…

Turquoise water in the Thetford region

The reputation of ancient mining pits filled with turquoise water goes beyond the borders of the Thetford region. But where can we observe …

3 orchards where you can pick your apples!

U-picking apples is the perfect fall activity to do with the family! Good thing, the Thetford region is well served with apple growers!

3 mountains to climb in the Thetford region!

Do you want to work your legs and your cardio? Discover these 3 mountains in the Thetford region. Their forest trails lead to summits with …

4 places to recharge your batteries in the Thetford region

Meditation, massage and introspection are all effective ways to relax and rejuvenate. Discover 4 places where you can recharge your batteri…

8 places to hike in the Thetford area

Do you like hiking? Do you still like discovering new places to walk? Here are four must-see places to discover in the Thetford area.

What do we eat? Let's eat good, fresh and local products! (picking)

Buying local has never been more important than now! Discover the shops in the Thetford region where you can buy local products!

12 amazing views of the mining landscape

Follow this route to discover the best places to see the mining panorama or learn more about the mining history of the Thetford area.