Étang Stater

Irlande • Région de Thetford
Étang Stater
Étang Stater shelter
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Municipalité d'Irlande

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157, road Gosford
Irlande Québec, G6H 2N7
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Easy to access from Route 165, this enchanting site offers interpretation thanks to an unusual feature: the place is frequented by the snapping turtle which, each spring, comes to lay its eggs on gravel mounds. , a ritual she has been repeating for thousands of years.

Stater Pond is also well known to bird watchers as a prime spot for viewing birdlife. The place is all the more interesting because of the development of the protected gravel pit for the tranquility of the turtles and the erection of a nesting tower for the Osprey.

Multiple species of birds, even rare ones, fish, amphibians and marsh plants live side by side at Stater Pond, one of the few natural filtering marshes.

A raw wood shelter allows nature lovers to slip discreetly around the marshes and admire.

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At all times. Respect the wildlife!



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We took a trip to Irlande!

The municipality of Ireland in the region of Thetford is a pretty little community that is little known, despite its famous surname. I went there for a trip and here is what I discovered.

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